The midterm and solution.

The Data 8 midterm will be held in class 10:10am Wednesday 3/16 in 155 Dwinelle. A seat assignment will be emailed to you (probably Tuesday).

The exam is closed book, closed note, closed computer, closed calculator, and closed classmate, except that:

(1) This 2-page 2-sided midterm study guide will be provided with your exam.

(2) You may bring a 1-page 2-sided sheet of handwritten notes that you create yourself.

The GSIs will hold a review session 5pm-7:30pm Sunday 3/13 in 306 Soda Hall (HP Auditorium).
The DSSB will hold a review session 6pm-8pm Tuesday 3/15 in 190 Doe Library (BIDS).

Homework 06 contains practice problems in a format similar to the exam. It is due 5pm Tuesday. You can earn an early submission bonus point for submitting it by 5pm Monday (extended from 4pm for consistency). 

It's a good idea to review labs and discussions, read the online text book, and catch up on lecture screencasts

What's covered? All content covered in lecture through Monday 3/7 and through section 4.5 of the text, but excluding section 4.4 and "explorations" sections. In particular, the midterm will *not* cover the following topics:

- Privacy
- Design & Critique
- Functions that return functions (Higher-order functions)
- Residual plots
- Multiple Regression
- Classification
- Machine Learning

The exam may include the following topics introduced recently in lecture:

- Correlation
- Simple linear regression
- Prediction
- Regression Errors
- The fact that the regression line is the line that minimizes mean squared error (and root mean squared error).